About Artist Mr.William Paul Houston


Dear Fans

My Name is Mr William Paul Houston, I enjoy Writing the Bible, Colouring, Drawing, Walking, Listening to Music, and Going on the Computer, I also like going to Church, The Library, and out for walks. I also really enjoy going to new places, some of the places I have been and really enjoyed are: DUXFORD, CAMBRIDGE, LONDON, & THE RACING. I am a happy, Talkative, Positive, and Knowledgeable person.

I sometimes need help when I get UNHAPPY and being to feel DOWN. This is normally when I think about my mum or when something goes wrong with my family. I sometimes need help when this happens, you can help me by: reminding me of this, encouraging me to do the things I enjoy doing. You can also remind me to talk about my feelings and be there when I am feeling lonely.

When things are going well… I enjoy making friends, I am down to Earth, I like being around people, I CAN BE VERY TALKATIVE, I keep to a routine, I go to Church regularly, I make my own meals, I go to the shops by myself, I ENJOY DRAWING AND COLOURING.

When things are going bad… I don’t see my friends. I stay Indoors, I stop taking my medicine, I start drinking alcohol, I spend all day on my computer, I start thinking people are watching me, I don’t follow my routine, I believe I am famous musician, I become quite and withdrawn, I focus all my time and thoughts on female music artists like Taylor Swift, I stop going to Church, I DON’T GO TO SLEEP.

ALCOHOL… Thoughts of Mum, Feeling Lonely, Getting sad, Thoughts of Alcohol, (way to Forget), Stop Eating, Stop Sleeping, Stops Medication Working, Mental Health gets worse, Physical Health gets worse, Start to make bad choices.


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Dear Fans

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Queen Jordyn Houston and King William Houston